New Employment Opportunities Program (NEO)

The County  of Fresno  Department of Social Services (DSS) is committed  to developing employment opportunities for County residents through a number of strategies including the County’s New Employment Opportunities Program (NEO). DSS can offer employers who hire DSS Welfare-to-Work clients assistance with a number of hiring strategies in addition  to subsidizing employment. The following services are available to qualified employers  for DSS clients hired:

  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee screening
  • Specialized employee training
  • Employee retention  services,  including  support   and   engagement  of clients, equipment,  transportation and child care
  • Wage subsidies up to a year depending on the needs  of the DSS client

Initial 26 Weeks
Placement Wage Reimbursement
Week 1-13 100%
Week 14-26 75%

Potential for two 13 Week Extensions
Placement Wage Reimbursement
Week 27-39 50%
Week 40-52 25%

Look to us for job ready employees. Think of us as your one-stop source for job-ready applicants. Job candidates go through an array of education and training courses to gain the skills needed for success in the job market. If you are Ready to Hire, we have people Ready to Work!

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