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Cost of Living:  According  to  a survey conducted by the  financial  website  GoBankingRates, Fresno  is one  of the  country’s  most affordable places  to live.  Fresno ranks  high on this list because of the cost of housing  and cost of groceries, transportation, and healthcare.

How does a $50,000 annual salary in Fresno, CA compare in other metropolitan areas across  the state and  country? The table  below lists the equivalent  salary for the selected  metro  areas.

Sunnyvale, CA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA Boston, MA New York,  NY Seattle, WA
$111,500 $85,500 $72,000 $71,500 $70,000 $114,500 $72,500

Source: PayScale Cost of Living Calculator


Housing Market.  The most  significant  factor  contributing  to Fresno’s  affordable cost of living is affordable housing.  The relatively low cost of housing  in Fresno attracts  many  new residents  to the region.  These new residents  arrive from  all  parts  of the  country  with most  relocating from  California’s large  metropolitan areas.

Real estate  markets  increasingly  depend on  strong  fundamentals  to drive sustainable housing activity. The Fresno housing market possesses these strong fundamentals; solid job growth, low vacancy rate, a market not  overvalued, and  affordability,  amongst other  factors.  Thanks  to the  presence of these  essentials, the  Fresno  housing  market  was ranked as the healthiest  in the United States entering  2016 according to a report  issued by mortgage industry leader Freddie Mac.

Home Sales Activity by City

Region Median Price
Fresno County $270,000
Clovis $319,000
Fresno $258,000
Alameda County $825,000
Berkeley $1,185,500
Oakland $703,100
Los Angeles County $595,000
Long Beach $579,500
Santa Monica $1,437,250
Sacramento County $350,000
Elk Grove $430,000
Sacramento $325,000
Santa Clara County $1,105,000
San Jose $975,000
Sunnyvale $1,430,000
San Francisco $1,350,000

Source: California Home Sales Activity by City, CoreLogic, October 2018


Weather.  The sun shines on Fresno County 288  days a year resulting in one of the nation’s most hospitable and Mediterranean-like climates.  The average high  temperature is 76.5  degrees and  the  average low temperature is 50.4  degrees. Average rainfall is 11.5 inches. Fresno’s elevation is 308  feet. County-wide,  elevations range from 100  feet to 14,248 feet at the top of the peak  of North Palisade  in the Sierra Nevada Mountain  Range.

Seismic Stability.  It is a well-known  fact that  California  is earthquake country.  However,  very few realize  that  not all of California  is subject to the same  degree of seismic risk. Unlike many other major metropolitan areas in California, in particular Los Angeles and  the Bay Area, Fresno is located  in a region  that is seismically stable.  There are no significant earthquake faults in the Fresno area and  few major  California  cities can match  the safety record  and  low seismic risk of Fresno.  Fresno is at low risk for earthquakes because of its inland location, flat topography, relatively stable soil condition,  and the absence of active faults in the area.

Recreation & Entertainment. Fresno County has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, fun attractions, great shopping or all of the above, you can find it in Fresno County!  Situated near three national parks, lakes, and beautiful scenic trails which make Fresno County a great destination to live and play year-round.

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