New to Fresno?

Arrive and Thrive…

The Business Attraction team is focused on advocating for Fresno County as the premier location to expand and grow core industries. Our efforts are aimed to strengthen and expand our national and international presence through missions, business referrals and cultivating business relationships.  Our passion for Fresno County is evident in the interest we generate through extensive marketing of the region and serving as a key resource for businesses seeking to make Fresno County their location of choice.

Fresno County Quick Facts:


Number of large e-commerce fulfillment center projects completed or announced in 2017-2018:, Inc., ULTA Beauty, Inc, and Gap, Inc.


Time it took, Inc. to complete it’s 855,000 sf e-commerce fulfillment center in Fresno, including permitting, inspections and construction.


Number of Fresno County census tracts approved as Opportunity Zones.


Non-farm jobs created in Fresno County between June 2014-June 2018.


Fresno County has officially surpassed a total population of 1 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a faster rate (17.6%) than the state of California (12.8%) by 2035.


Fresno County’s GDP in 2016, ranking 69 nationally out of 382 metropolitan areas.

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