Kerman, CA

Located 16 miles west of Fresno, and 35 miles from Interstate 5, Kerman is a growing city with small-town flavor. The expansion of the Sphere of Influence boundary has begun, and the City of Kerman and the City Council have planned, financed, and developed the necessary infrastructure to properly support this growth.

In addition to an extensive parks system (over 47 acres of developed parks), the City of Kerman offers a wide variety of youth and senior citizen recreational activities, programs, and transit services. With great emphasis on quality of life and a maintained focus on Service, Safety, and Community, Kerman is a place where community comes first and a shining example of how Fresno County is Growing the California Dream.

Quick Facts

City of Kerman

Population: 15,083
Number of Households: 4,215
Median Income: $54,554
2016 Retail Taxable Sales: $119.7m
Projected Growth Rate (2018-23): 4.60%
2023 Estimated Population: 16,588

$264,726 $8,399 $685 14,485 29.5 3.7 $54,554 $2,170 $174 $3,493 $4,849 $5,149 320 2,496 41% 40% 19% 4.4% $54,554 $21,590 $61,449 COMMUNITY PROFILE Kerman, CA Age Pyramid The largest group: 2018 Male PopulationAge 85+ (Esri) 2018 Male PopulationAge 20-24 (Esri) The smallest group: KEY FACTS EMPLOYMENT INCOME ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD SPENDING HOUSING STATS BUSINESS Dots show comparison to Fresno County Population Median Age Median HouseholdIncome AverageHousehold Size Total Businesses Total Employees White Collar Blue Collar Services UnemploymentRate Median Home Value Median ContractRent Average Spent onMortgage & Basics Apparel &Services Computers& Hardware EatingOut Groceries Health Care Median HouseholdIncome Per Capita Income Median Net Worth Source: This infographic contains data provided by American Community Survey (ACS), Esri, Esri and Bureau of Labor Statistics, Esri and Infogroup. The vintage of the data is 2012-2016, 2018. 20% 10 0 10 20%

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