On August 3, 2022, the Economic Development Administration announced that Fresno County EDC’s Good Jobs proposal has been awarded funding to provide training, hiring, and job placement support in four regionally significant industries: Professional and Financial Services; Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics; Manufacturing; Building and Construction. At this time, training and job placement services have not yet begun, but EDC and its partners are interested in employer hiring needs and skills / training requirements. Please complete the form below in order to stay up to date on this exciting economic development opportunity.

Project Overview

Good Jobs 4 The Central Valley unites dozens of organizations in California’s Central Valley to place 2,500 people into high-quality jobs through demand-focused programming with 2Gen-informed, community-based recruitment and wraparound services. Underrepresented communities will make up at least 70% of training and job placements, reflecting the diversity of this persistent poverty region of 1.8 million. Leveraged funds will provide $5+ million in work-experience wages to remedy a common barrier to training enrollment and retention: lower income workers are forced to choose between earning a paycheck or obtaining the skills, experience, and connections they need to secure living-wages.

Project Narrative (PDF)

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