Manufacturing Cluster

Manufacturing has become a focal area of investment  for Fresno County and  the San Joaquin Valley. Led by the San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance (SJVMA), efforts are being made to develop the area into a globally competitive resource that  will attract  companies. The  SJVMA’s  primary  focus  is to  building  stronger   regional manufacturing companies by strengthening connections and  relationships, building  growth assets,  and  strengthening the workforce pipeline  by collaborating with education partners and  ensuring  students  are  supported in discovering  a path  that inspires them.


Reach 40 million customers with guaranteed next-day ground service, without the additional cost of expedited shipping. Due to Fresno’s unique location in the middle of the state, FedEx, UPS, and OnTrac, can reach all of California’s major markets within one day with their standard ground shipping, guaranteed. OnTrac, with their early-pull option, has the ability to reach the entire West Coast with their standard ground shipping service.

Energy & Water Technology

The Water and  Energy Technology (WET) Center  is a collaborative venture between  California  State  University, Fresno  (Fresno  State),  industry,  and public  agencies. The  facility features   an  underground water  pit  to  be used  for  water  and  irrigation  testing.  This modern test  facility provides independent testing  and  performance certification  for pumps  and  other water technology  equipment, an educational learning lab for students,  and an incubator facility for businesses specializing  in water, irrigation  and  clean-energy.

Renewable Energy

Fresno County covers an expansive area, over 6,000 square miles with the Sierra Nevadas in the east and the Coastal Range  in the west. With over 290  days  of sunshine  per  year,  Fresno  County’s availability of large  swaths  of retired farmland in the rural west side is ideal for solar project development.

Most recently,  Westlands  Water  District, which  covers  a large  portion  of Fresno  County’s  west  side,  reached an agreement with the federal  government to retire an additional 100,000 acres  of farmland. The settlement  allows for only a select number of uses for the retired land,  one of which is for alternative-energy projects.

Biomass and Tree Mortality

Over 129  million trees have died in California  between  2010-2017 in due to the bark  bettles that thrived during  the historic drought. Fresno  County  alone  has  over  21  million dead trees.  However,  opportunities do  exist to improve the  quality  and  quantity  of benefits  from  California’s  forest.  Management options  for stabilizing  carbon storage, improving  water  quality,  fostering  more  vibrant  rural  economies, and  making  landscapes more  resistant  to threats have  the potential  to produce more  desirable future  conditions.  To take  advantage of these  opportunities, federal, state,  and  local stakeholders have  made available over $21  million in grants  for projects  that will help stimulate  the removal  of hazardous fuels from national forests and  other  forest lands  to reduce  the risk of catastrophic  wildfires, promote forest health,  and  reduce  the cost of forest management.


With $7.02 billion in output,  Fresno  County  ranks  in the top three  of agricultural producing counties  in the United States. Located in one of the most fertile and  productive regions  of the world, the agricultural output of the region  has led to a robust food processing industry, with food processors and  food processing equipment manufacturers making up a large  percentage of Fresno County’s economy.

Exports: $4.04 billion (2015), with $2.95 billion related to agriculture.

Number of Commodities Grown:  Nearly  400

2017 Crop Highlights by Commodity

  • Field Crops:  $323 million, an  increase of 1% over 2016
  • Seed Crops: $27.7 million, a 2% over 2016
  • Vegetable Crops: $990 million, led by tomatoes
  • Fruit and Nut  Crops:  $4.03 billion,  a 24% increase from 2016 and led by almonds
  • Nursery: $38 million
  • Livestock and  Poultry:  $1.01 billion
  • Livestock and  Poultry Products: $501.6  million
  • Apiary Products and  Pollination Services: $95.6 million
  • Industrial Crops: $5.9 million, up 8% from 2016


The healthcare industry represents a robust segment of the Fresno County economy.  The metro area alone is represented by 16 hospitals including 3,930 licensed beds.  Three of the 16 hospitals rank as the top three private employers and employ more than 14,000 individuals.  Also noteworthy is the amount of construction projects underway at the various healthcare locations.

  • Clovis  Cancer   Center:      Clovis  Community   Medical   Center   recently completed it $65  million cancer    The 100,000 sf facility is  one-of-a-kind in the San Joaquin Valley.  The goal of the Cancer Center is to consolidate all of Community’s outpatient cancer services to the new facility and will conduct research along  with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).
  • Community Regional Medical   Center:  A five-story,  180,000  sf pediatric   office  building   in  Downtown  F     The  more   than   $1  billion expansion will feature  pediatric  sub-specialists and  outpatient services.
  • Fowler Pediatric  Care  Medical   Plaza:  Valley  Children’s  Hospital  and Adventist Health formed a partnership to build a $35 million medical plaza  in the City of Fowler with an aim of improving pediatric rural  health  care   The planned 16-acre state-of-the-art pediatric  care  facility, located  adjacent to State Highway 99,  is scheduled to open  in early 2019.
  • California Health Sciences University  (CHSU): CHSU’s began construction  on their 826,000 sf permanent medical  school campus on 70 acres  of land  at the Clovis Research  & Technology P  The $250 million campus will eventually have 2,000-3,000 students  and  a staff of 300-400. The university is planning to open  the new campus in 2019.

Information Technology

Fresno County’s burgeoning Information  Technology sector consists of over  500 companies with approximately 20% located  in Downtown Fresno.

  • FocusVision: Headquarted in Fresno, FocusVision is the first company to provide integrated, global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market  research. The company specializes in research facility video streaming and has grown to offer best-in-class solutions in webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software and mobile device usability studies.
  • OnFarm Systems: Founded in 2012, OnFarm Systems is a nationally recognized software company born as a unique farm management tool that displays and  analyzes data from many different sources  in a single, easy-to-use application. OnFarm transparently integrates data  into a customizable dashboard with forecasts and recommendations that enables the entire farming organization to make better, more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm inputs, productivity, and profitability.
  • Bitwise Industries: Founded by a group  of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds that believe technology  is the future of the San Joaquin Valley. The company was created to provide the software  industry in Fresno with the inevitable next step in its rapid  growth: the mothership of technological education, collaboration, and  innovation. Every day, Bitwise helps cultivate the technology ecosystem in Fresno by providing  education (Geekwise Academy), execution (Shift3 Technologies), and place (Hashtag) to empower the next generation of tech leaders.
  • Agrian: Founded in 2004 with the goal of providing a single source, easy-to-use solution for those in the  agricultural food chain The Agrian platform enables ag  professionals to capture information from the field and send the information electronically to various stakeholders. Coupled with its mobile capabilities, Agrian offers the flexibility, convenience and speed to make quick solutions on the go.

The Fresno-Clovis metropolitan region  ranked 3rd in California among “Tech/Info Leaders” with a job growth of 20% in the tech sector since 2011.

Source: Progressive Policy Institute
“The California Tech/Info Boom: How it is Spreading Across the State” July 2015.

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