Business Expansion & Retention

Economic Incentive Consulting: Provide education, recommendations, and application support for various local, state, and federal programs that incentivize business growth or retention, often creating a customized package of applicable programs.


Export Logistics Consulting: Before a product leaves U.S. soil, companies must consider numerous regulatory and logistical factors. EDC works with vetted logistics providers to get Fresno’s products overseas and aligns closely with the U.S. Department of Commerce to advise companies on market compliance and regulations.


International Support: Work directly with Fresno County businesses to support internationalization efforts, and advise foreign-owned business entering the local market.

Marketing/Visibility: Support expanding the Fresno County economy and local companies by promoting company growth stories to elected officials, media, and key business contacts, both locally and nationally.


Regulatory/Permitting Support: Serve as an interface between employers and municipalities or public agencies to address regulatory and permitting issues. EDC helps overcome permitting process delays and raises regulatory matters to the appropriate authority to seek quick relief.

Research: Companies and public agencies rely on economic research to drive decision making. EDC’s research deparment produces independent, economic analyses for municipalities, real estate projects and companies.