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A Message From EDC President Lee Ann Eager

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Our economy is about to be diversified in a big way. The California State Legislature voted last week to release the bond financing to fund construction of the California High-Speed Rail Authority's high-speed rail project. Grounwill be broken right here in Fresno County on the only project of its kind in the nation. Soon, thousands of Fresno County residents will be working to build the line, which will create an economic multiplier effect never before realized in Fresno County.


I'm happy to report that the Economic Development Corporation is working diligently to ensure Fresno County is ready for this historic project. Your team here at the EDC has been and will continue to meet with businesses - property owners and tenants alike - that will be impacted by the alignment. Both through one-on-one and group meetings, we are working alongside City of Fresno, County of Fresno and California High-Speed Rail Authority officials to help connect businesses to much-needed project information. In addition, we are assisting local businesses with relocation services. We are working daily to make sure our local businesses will thrive before, during and after construction of the project. 


The five construction teams that will be bidding on the project have been in contact with the EDC. They see this organziation as the key to the business community. I have been meeting with these teams to answer their questions about the business community's interest in high-speed rail. Just as importantly, we are here to make sure local businesses and individual residents are hired to work on the system at all possible levels. Our meetings with these bidding teams will help to achieve this goal.


Of course, we continue our advocacy on behalf of Fresno County residents to land the Authority's heavy maintenance facility in Fresno County. This maintenance facility will bring great jobs to the community and will be a part of establishing Fresno County as the foundation of high-speed rail in the United States. 


- Lee Ann Eager, President and CEO

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